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12/18/17: Beiwe 1.3 Release

iOS 11 is now supported

Other misc fixes and enhancements

Release Notes

Apple iOS -12/14/17

The new release name/number is Beiwe 1.3.0.  This is now the standard release in the Apple app store.

As most iPhone users configure their phones to automatically update their apps, Beiwe will be automatically updated on most of your users phones.  No action is required.  This should be transparent to your users and to your Beiwe study.   New participants will automatically download this new version of Beiwe from the app store.  The registration process remains the same with the exception that users must choose "ALWAYS" when prompted for location services. 

-Beiwe was updated to support iOS version 11.  Some changes in Version 11 include a new option for Location Services.  When study participants enrolls, iOS options offered for location services are “Never”, “While Using the App”, and “Always”.   “Always” must be chosen for Beiwe to work properly. 

-Beiwe was updated such that when a corrupt data file is seen, it will throw out just that file and not all the data from that batch. 

-an iOS_Log has been added similar to the Android app_log which notes when data collection starts/stops along with other Beiwe and phone activities.  This log may be used for data analysis or for troubleshooting any problems seen with Beiwe on particular phones.  As phones become more complex and sophisticated and users accordingly adjust their behaviors and preferences in their phone usage, Beiwe’s ability to collect data may be affected.   

-9.0 will be the minimum iOS Version supported by the Beiwe app. If a study participant is running an older version of iOS, the current version of Beiwe will continue to run and the study participant will be unaffected by the update.

3/5/17 Beiwe 1.2 Release

Feature: Added support for survey branching

Other misc fixes and enhancements

10/16/16 Beiwe 1.03 Release

Audio Survey Window fix

Survey deliveries fixes

Other misc fixes and enhancements

6/17/16 Beiwe 1.0 Release

First Beiwe app release on iOS


11/5/17: Beiwe 2.2.3 UI Change

UI Changes: updates styles, improves error messages, updated text on Registration screens

Feature: restores persistent, individual survey notifications in Android 7.

Feature: improved Registration and Password Reset interfaces and networking.

Bug Fix: fixed bugs with recording received SMS messages and sent MMS messages

Bug Fix: fixed survey scheduling. Previously, if you canceled the next scheduled survey time in the web interface, and the app downloaded the updated survey JSON, the next scheduled survey would still appear, because its timer had already been set. The surveys are now properly canceled.

The version identifier in the Device Identifiers data stream for Beiwe version 2.2.3 is 22.

Release Notes

Android - 12/14/17

The new release name/number is Beiwe 2.2.3.   This is the standard release that will download from   

If you have research projects in progress, your study participants will be unaffected by this release as we do not automatically update the app.  Your study participants will continue to run on the previous release, the 2.1.3 Beiwe app version.   If you are in the midst of enrolling study participants and some of your cohort are on the 2.1.3 version while others are on the new 2.2.3 version, the data will remain unchanged so this will be transparent for your study.     

If your study participant is running Android 7 and is prone to deleting the survey notifications then you may want them to upgrade to Beiwe 2.2.3. To do this, go to from the phone’s browser and the app will download automatically.  The user will be prompted “Do you want to install an update to this existing application?”  Choose Yes, Open and Install and the update is complete.  

Android 7 has a new feature that puts all the Beiwe notifications into a folder in the notifications window. You need to click on the folder first then click on the individual notifications to get to their corresponding surveys.   A problem with this new feature is that if you press “clear notifications”, the folder is deleted along with all the Beiwe notifications.  In the past, all Beiwe notifications were permanent (could not be cleared) until the survey was taken.  We have fixed this problem in the new version of the app. Beiwe notifications are not collected in a folder and are not cleared until the survey associated with the notification is taken. 

Beiwe was not showing all sent and received SMS and MMS messages.  This problem has been resolved. 

3/15/17: Beiwe 2.1.3 Bug Fixes

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the error reporting code that could cause Beiwe to crash. 

Bug Fix: Fixed issue in which extremely slow network behavior could cause Beiwe to enter a non-responsive state when trying to upload data.

The version identifier in the Device Identifiers data stream for Beiwe version 2.1.3 is 16.

Note: the production app was updated from 2.0 directly to 2.1.3, so versions 2.1, 2.1.1, and 2.1.2 were never released for general download. Therefore, anyone upgrading from 2.0 to 2.1.3 should read the changelog entries for 2.1, 2.1.1, and 2.1.2 as well.

2/28/17: Beiwe 2.1.2 Bug Fix

Bug Fix: Fixed extremely rare crash in the app UI.

The version identifier in the Device Identifiers data stream for Beiwe version 2.1.2 is 14.

2/22/17 Beiwe 2.1.1 Minor Update

Bug Fix: GPS and WiFi data scans should run more consistently, especially when running with problematic permissions under Android 6.

Data Stream Changes

GPS now provides additional information in the app log about the availability and quality of GPS data at the start of each recording session. 

WiFi now provides additional information in the app log if WiFi is disabled on the device when a scan is triggered.

The version identifier in the Device Identifiers data stream for Beiwe version 2.1.1 is 13.

1/27/17: Beiwe 2.1 Significant Update

Feature: Beiwe has been updated so that researchers can attach conditional display logic to survey questions.

Feature: Survey questions now support Markdown formatting syntax.

UI Change: In order to support conditional question display logic, survey questions are now viewed one-at-a-time.

Fixed: A potential hang condition if a user exited an audio survey before data encryption was complete has been resolved.

Fixed: An issue where, under certain study data stream configurations, the app could hang if a user pressed either of the Beiwe App Menu's Call buttons has been resolved.

Fixed: A bug where some crash reports may not have been successfully reported has been resolved.

Fixed: A crash that could occur when a user opened a survey has been resolved.

The version identifier in the Device Identifiers data stream for Beiwe version 2.1 is 12.

10/27/16: Beiwe 2.0 Major Update

This update to Beiwe includes compatibility with Android 6 and several new features.

Feature: Android 6 App Standby has been bypassed to improve functionality on Android 6.

Feature: Android 6 Doze feature behavior is well defined, and the Power State data stream now includes a log for that feature.

Feature: Enhanced (uncompressed) audio surveys have been introduced, as well as additional controls over regular audio surveys. 

Feature: There is a new device setting that allows Beiwe to upload data over the cellular connection.

Fixed: Audio survey files now provide a survey ID when uploaded. 

Data Stream Changes

Due to limitations imposed in Bluetooth on Android 6+, the Bluetooth data stream may not be reliable. Please review the following to determine if this affects you:

  • Bluetooth LE broadcasts (the mechanism Beiwe uses to periodically send out pings to nearby, listening devices) on Android 6 will now cycle through many different random MAC addresses instead of broadcasting the real one. (iPhones have also done this since at least iOS 8, it is an anti-tracking measure.)
  • Android no longer allows Beiwe to access the device's true MAC address (some devices will continue to report it anyway, see below). Instead, all devices now return the same default address when queried for the MAC address in the Identifiers data stream.
  • We have been able to implement a method to report the correct MAC address for the Identifiers data stream. It is not predictable which devices this will work for, but it should at least be consistent across identical devices running the same version of Android 6. The mechanism we use is expected to be phased out in Android 7.

Power State

  • Android 6.0+ now reports when the device enters and leaves Doze mode in the Power State data stream. 
  • Android 5.0+ now reports when the device enters and leaves Android's Power Save mode in the Power State data stream. 

Other Changes

When running under Android 6, due to the nature of the permissions system, it is no longer possible to guarantee data stream content directly after registration. Recommended procedure is to reboot the device after installing Beiwe and providing permissions.

Known Issue: Due to a bug in Android the Beiwe app may not uninstall properly. To bypass this we recommend uninstalling and then rebooting the device if you plan to reinstall Beiwe, or you can manually fix this issue by assigning all necessary permissions in the Beiwe app's settings page in system settings. This issue presents as an immediate crash of the Beiwe app after installation but before registering under a study.

The UI for audio surveys has been streamlined.

The version identifier in the Device Identifiers data stream for Beiwe version 2.0 is 10.

Older Beiwe Releases

3/24/16 - (Beiwe Android App version 4) Added further device and software information fields to the identifiers file gathered at user registration.

Feature: The Beiwe app now has a built-in crash reporter. When the app encounters a bug that would cause it to crash it, instead creates a crash report. Beiwe then restarts itself so that background data gathering and functionality are not significantly interrupted. This crash report will be uploaded to the Beiwe server during the next upload operation. 

Behavior: Because Beiwe now automatically restarts itself, users will no longer receive a notification that Beiwe has stopped working. If the user is viewing the app while it encounters a crash the app will still exit without warning.

11/30/15 - (Beiwe Android App version 1) Added additional data fields to the device information gathered at user registration, additionally added version numbers to that data.

10/8/15 - Bug fix: fixed issue where the device would fail to record GPS and Accelerometer data until the Beiwe service was reset.

10/8/15 - Scheduling logic for GPS, Accelerometer, and Wifi has been made more aggressive, especially when recovering from situations where the device is blocked from recording data streams.

9/23/15 - Feature: the Beiwe app is now compatible with the Randomize Survey Questions feature.